To create a fun and challenging developmental lacrosse program for young boys and girls that teaches them the skills to compete and excel at the game.
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Welcome to Ocean Youth Lacrosse!

Registration Is Now Open
Make Sure to Select the correct program
For Those Who Need: Equipment Rental is ALSO Listed Below.
If you run into problems registering, please send email to If you have not registered yet, please get US Lacrosse #prior to registering by going to

**Important - Please Read and Follow All Instruction**

To Register:

1.  Establish/Renew US Lacrosse Association Membership - This is required for all players and will provide insurance for your child (there is a deductible). You will need to input your players membership number into our registration form.  NOTE MEMBERSHIP MUST BE VALID THROUGH THE END OF THE SPECIFIC SEASON

2. Select the desired program (i.e. grade level) from the programs shown below and click Begin Registration for the desired program.  If you are registering for more than one child you will need to register individually for each child/program. 

3.  If existing/returning player, enter e-mail address and Password. For new player, enter your e-mail address and a temporary password will be e-mailed to you.  You can change the password once logged in.  Your password will be yours to use throughout the year for rosters, pictures, etc.

4.  Fill out the guardian information.  If you are already in the database, please confirm that all of the information is correct.

5.  Fill out the player information.  If your child is already in the database, please verify the information. 

6.  If you don't remember your child's US Lacrosse Membership #, select  
to access your membership information.

7. A valid credit card is required to pay during online registration; Otherwise, you can mail in a check.

8.  All registrants are REQUIRED to review our payment/refund policy before registering.

If you have any questions or experience problems during registration, please email them to

OYLAX Administration
Equipment Rental


Loaner Equipment is available at NO CHARGE, however we do require a $150 Deposit*


Supplied equipment includes helmets, crosse (stick), gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads.

We do not supply mouthguards or protective cups. Mouthguards are required to play and can be purchased at any sporting goods store.


All equipment must be returned in good condition in order to receive your deposit back

Equipment is limited on a first come first serve basis, as well as available sizes.  While any boy K-8 may borrow equipment, it is intended for those who are starting this great sport.  We encourage players who are going to stick with the game to purchase their own equipment.  Please see our Equipment Primer for tips on what and where to buy!

Open to: Men & Women
born on or after: 12/13/2001

Boys 3rd- 4th Grade Spring Team 2020

Open to boys in 3rd through 4th grades for the 2019-2020 school year. Program fees are $225.00.

Registration is open for all Ocean Township residents and out of town residents that do not have a Lacrosse Youth Program in their town.


Payment Schedule: 50% due in January and 50% in February. Any registration after 2/15 will require 100% payment.


Full Loaner equipment is available to new players on a first-come first serve basis while supplies last.  A $150 dollar deposit will be taken and will be returned at the end of the season upon equipment return. 
Any financial concerns or scholarship requests will be confidential and should be directed to John Girard. 

Base Cost: $225.00

Opened: 01/01/2020
Closes: 06/03/2020

Open to: Boys

In Grades: 3 to 4 for 2019-20 School year