To create a fun and challenging developmental lacrosse program for young boys and girls that teaches them the skills to compete and excel at the game.
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As a non-profit organization fundraising is a crucial component to the success of our club.  We strive to keep our registrations fees at affordable leaves for our members as well as aggressively manage the costs associated with running our club and providing a great experience for our members.  However, despite best efforts we will undoubtedly encounter costs we have not planned for and that is where fundraising can play an important role.  Additionally, fundraising will allow the club to provide added social events like a club picnic, etc.

We are happy to announce this season that we formally created a fundraising committee.  Throughout the season we will look to the committee to bring new ideas to our members attention, schedule specific events and help raise funds for our club.  If you have any ideas or would like to volunteer to participate in the fundraising committee please let us know!