To create a fun and challenging developmental lacrosse program for young boys and girls that teaches them the skills to compete and excel at the game.
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This page provides an outline of the general equipment needed for players.
**If you are looking to rent equipment, please go to the Register Online page                                             
What equipment do I need to purchase for my son?
  • Helmet with NOCSAE seal (this is a tested and approved helmet). OYLAX uses red/white.
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Arm Pads - these are different for defense v. offense, ask your dealer or a coach for guidance
  • Gloves
  • Supporter and Cup
  • Protective Mouthpiece - any color EXCEPT clear
  • Stick - short stick for offense (all players in grades K-6), long stick for defense (grades 7-8)
  • Lacrosse Cleats, rubber soccer and football cleats are fine
  • Rib Pads are optional; they are sometimes used by middle school players on offense

 For More Information on Outfitting Your Son, Click to Read Our Lacrosse Equipment Primer

Where to buy equipment?
There are various options to purchase lacrosse equipment for your son or daughter.  It has been our experience that for those new to the sport, it is very helpful to go to a lacrosse only store such as Lacrosse Unlimited in Red Bank and where the store personnel are educated on the sport and fitting youth players. 

In addition, area retailers like Dicks also carry lacrosse equipment.  We have found the selection limited and the store personnel are not educated on lacrosse. You can also order from many retailers over the web if you search on lacrosse equipment.  However, you may have better luck with exchanges at area retailers.